///ulrich medical white paper

ulrich medical white paper

Hygiene and safety of disposables for contrast media injectors in computed tomography

When dealing with patients, far-reaching hygiene and safety rules must be observed at all times. This applies all the more to radiology as a central department in medical facilities. After all, in most cases it is one of the first wards where patients stop when they are admitted to a hospital.

The misconduct of individuals can be enough to trigger an extensive infection. The hygiene requirements for medical equipment and disposables used in radiology departments or practices and for their handling are correspondingly high. In the best case, infections and contamination should not occur in the first place – and if they do, infection chains must be interrupted.

In this white paper, you will learn everything about hygiene and safety in the automated application of contrast media and how far they differ, how cleverly designed disposables can be, and everything about the aspects of hygienic safety for patients and users.

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