universal OCT spinal stabilization


  • Universal system for dorsal stabilization
  • From the occiput to the upper thoracic spine
  • Polyaxial and cannulated screws
  • Prepared for navigation


  • Cervical system for all common placement techniques
  • Safety for user and patient by cannulated screws and a navigation option
  • Patient-protective, given the minimally invasive access technique

Instrumentation techniques

  • OC stabilization
  • Different variants of lateral mass screws
  • Magerl transarticular C1-C2 instrumentation
  • Transpedicular instrumentation
  • Wright trans-laminar instrumentation

Combination with thoracolumbar System uCentum™

  • Hybrid rod Ø 4,0 mm/6,0 mm,
  • Rod-rod-connector, parallel and axial