Milestones in the company’s history


The company was founded in Ulm, Germany in 1912 by Heinrich C. Ulrich. From the start, the focus was on the manufacture and sales of surgical instruments. An orthopedic and surgical workshop was attached to the company.

The first ulrich instrument, the Möltgen-style goniometer, was introduced to the market.

The founder’s son Max Ulrich joined the family company in 1925. As his father’s successor, he expanded the company.

Our first high-pressure injector according to Hettler was launched. It had a pneumatic drive and was suitable for all angiographic examinations.

In 1967 Heinrich Ulrich joined the company and started with the worldwide sales of the products.

In 1975 a production plant was opened in Blaustein-Herrlingen near Ulm.

In addition to the development and manufacture of surgical instruments, the company began producing spinal implants and instrumentation in 1978.

The first injector for computer tomography was developed.

Ulrich medical launched the world’s first contrast media injector for MRI.

The company Heinrich C. Ulrich KG was converted to ulrich GmbH & Co. KG in 1997, with four corporate divisions: Medical technology, medical and health care supplies, rehabilitation technology and physicians’ and physician assistants’ supplies.

In 2000, the company was restructured. The medical and health care supply division as well as the rehabilitation technology and physicians’ and assistants’ supply divisions were sold. ulrich GmbH & Co. KG focused on the sale of medical technological devices developed and manufactured in-house.

Since August 2005, the trademark was changed from ulrich Medizintechnik into ulrich medical. The legal form of the ulrich GmbH & Co. KG remains unchanged. The company’s renaming underscored its international orientation.

In order to further enhance the success of the business, ulrich medical founded the subsidiary ulrich medical USA in 2006; it is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

ulrich medical sets its course for expansion and enlarges its plant in Ulm. With the completion of the new buildings for production and offices all corporate divisions benefit from the short routes and the contemporary, communicative architecture.

Senior Partner Heinrich Ulrich hands over the management of the company to his son Christoph Ulrich. With the 4th generation now in top management, Christoph Ulrich, acting as managing partner and shareholder, will share the duties and responsibilities with CEO Klaus Kiesel. Thus, as an independent family-owned enterprise, ulrich medical ensures that it will stay the innovative and consistent partner for customers, suppliers and employees for many years to come.

ulrich medical celebrates its 100th anniversary. The slogan “Faszination Medizintechnik“ symbolizes the close ties to medical technology and innovative strength which formed the solid foundation for the company’s present standing and its consistent development.

A modern distribution centre creates more capacities for the increased demand for our products from all over the world.

In order to drive its international growth forward, ulrich medical has established a dedicated sales company, ulrich medical France SAS in Toulouse. From this site, the contrast media injectors are now sold directly to the customers in the French market.

Our CT contrast media injector CT motion is now also being distributed in the world’s most important medical technology market, the USA. We are thus consistently expanding our international positioning as an innovative medical technology manufacturer.

In France, we expanded the product portfolio to include our spinal systems. These are now also marketed directly by our subsidiary.

ulrich medical celebrates its 110th anniversary. Under the motto “110 years of passion”, we look back on 110 years of passion for our customers and products: With commitment and dedication, we want to continue to drive further developments for better patient care in the future.

Company founder Heinrich C. Ulrich
1876-05-08 – 1967-11-06

2nd generation, Max Ulrich
1905-09-12 – 1996-11-13

3rd generation, Heiner Ulrich

4th generation, Christoph Ulrich

110 years ago the family business was founded and today it is managed by the 4th generation.

1912 Foundation of the company
Heinrich C. Ulrich establishes his own workshop for medical technology and orthopedics in the medical supply store in Ulm.

The medical store, salesroom

The workshop for medical technology and orthopedics. At the beginning, the focus is on the manufacture of surgical instruments.

The medical supply store at Münsterplatz in Ulm. Family-owned until the year 2000.

Our today’s modern company building