3T tennessee™

Battery-free operation

  • MRI injector with mains operation for MRIs up to 3 Tesla
  • Patented roll pump technology
  • Direct injection from all standard media containers
  • Integrated particle filters, check valves and pressure measurement systems
  • 4 ultrasound sensors for air detection
  • Tandem function for selection of a second contrast medium in the case of two different contrast media
  • Seamless function for alternating switching to full contrast media containers when two identical contrast media are used

Your advantages

  • The pump tubing is approved for 24 hours of use
  • high standard of hygiene
  • Reliable down to the smallest detail
  • High degree of patient and user safety
  • Impressive and convenient
Software Options
  • CA Tandem: Choice between two different contrast agents without change of media containers
    • Optimized application of contrast agent according to patient or examination
    • No interruption of daily workflow
  • Same patient: Multiple examinations without changing the patient hose
    • No loss of time by disconnecting the patient
  • Testbolus: Injection of a contrast agent test bolus to determine the patient’s circulation time
    • Optimal timing of the examination start
  • Stop watch: Acoustic signal when set time has expired
    • Improved timing between contrast agent injection and examination
  • Last patient: Automatic filling of the entire hose system with NaCl
    • Dismantling without waste of contrast agent with the pump hose

The two-piece tubing system for all ulrich medical® injectors consists of:

  • Pump tubing: Use up to 24 hours for any number of injections
  • Patient tubing: Use for any number of injections for one patient, change and disposal after each patient


  • Proven hygienic safety
  • Economic consumption of disposables
  • Easy handling
  • Fast patient changeover
  • Reduced stock-keeping of disposables

Accessories to enhance convenience and comfort in use
1. Tray with mount

  • Placed near the injector for rapid availability of injection accessories and media bottles
  • Maximum load 1 kg

2. Cable holder with tray support

  • Cables properly stored

3. Waste bin with attachment bar

  • Fast disposal of examination material
  • Volume 10 l

Your Plus

  • Ready to start anytime
  • Safe & reliable


Customer Service International
+49 731 9654-234


Technical Hotline

Monday – Friday
8.00 am – 5.00 pm MET

+49 731 9654-111

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