////Spice up your data management

Spice up your data management

Thanks to the cooperation between ulrich medical and Qaelum, you have the opportunity to manage, analyze and optimize your contrast agent and patient doses. On the one hand, we want to support you in reducing your costs, on the other hand, we want to protect the patients from increased contrast media and radiation exposure. In combination with the ulrich medical RIS/PACS interface of the CT motion, you can take advantage of these many additional benefits.

Your benefits at a glance


Patient safety and quality assurance

  • Increases patient safety by offering a comprehensive analysis of contrast media usage and automatically identifying potential outliers and risks
  • Clinical quality metrics, like deviations from reference contrast volumes, are continuously assessed to highlight the need for extra training or protocol optimization
  • Combines contrast media management and patient radiation dose information for an overall evaluation


  • Provides advanced statistics and graphs on contrast usage & costs, while different scenarios can be simulated by price adjustments and recalculations
  • Trends over time allow to assess the evolution of relevant metrics and verify results from optimization activities
  • Automated insights assist to achieve waste reduction and improve sustainability, while maintaining a high level of quality of care

Workflow efficiency

  • Centralizes all contrast information in one place and offers a complete in-depth analysis of your KPI’s
  • Tangible metrics are used to identify and address defi ciencies with the ultimate goal to enhance performance, reduce costs and improve quality
  • Manages the exchange of contrast related data with other healthcare IT-systems like RIS, EMR, Speech Recognition, by using industry standards

* Sales, installation, service and application by Qaelum NV

FOQAL CONTRAST, the advanced contrast management solution by Qaelum, and ulrich medical RIS/PACS interface offer a comprehensive and fully integrated IT-solution for a high-level analysis of your contrast media injections. This powerful combination provides a reliable and automatic collection of all contrast injection data with a centralized storage in one place.

FOQAL CONTRAST assures a wide range of analyses of individual key performance indicators (KPI’s) about contrast management and works as a standalone IT-solution or integrated in a radiation dose management system. An easy benchmarking of different injectors and imaging modalities rounds off the service portfolio of the solution.

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