Development & Production

///Development & Production

From prototype to serial product

Our development and production units are both based at our site in Ulm, which means our entire development- and manufacturing process is all under one roof. Strict quality control and quality assurance guarantee high-quality products to “Made in Germany” standards.

Our quality promise is founded on many principles, which underpin our product development process:

  • Our employees have built up many years of know-how.
  • We work in close collaboration with medical experts, scientists, marketing and development engineers right from the product concept stage. Our products therefore always conform to the latest market requirements.
  • Our in-house development team consists of experienced and dedicated product, electronics and software developers as well as skilled designers.
  • The use of state-of-the-art measurement equipment guarantees quality assurance, allowing increased quality in our end products and in all our production processes.
  • Our in-house manufacturing at Ulm is performed to the highest technical level. State-of-the-art production systems from world-leading manufacturers are fully networked, allowing ulrich medical to achieve “Made in Germany” quality at world market prices.
  • Advanced cleaning systems with suitable water treatment plants in controlled clean rooms ensure that our products do not just comply with the regulatory hygiene requirements, but even exceed them.
  • The performance and safety of our products is backed up by clinical trials.
  • Our customers and users benefit from extensive product training as well as an intensive after-sales support.
  • We won two awards in 2016. The “100 businesses for Resource Efficiency” award honors companies who place particular value on material efficiency in addition to energy efficiency. The award “100 sites for Industry 4.0” is awarded to companies whose success is based on intelligent networking of production and value-added processes.