CT motion™

CT Contrast Media Injector

A big success – down to the smallest detail

  • Patented roll pump technology
  • Direct injection from standard media containers
  • Variable bottle guide from 50 mL to 1000 mL
  • Automatic patient-side air monitoring
  • Tandem function for selection of a second contrast medium in the case of two different contrast media
  • Seamless function for alternating switching to full contrast media containers when two identical contrast media are used
  • The CT motion is available as a wireless pedestal version for flexible positioning or as a ceiling version for small examination rooms

Your advantages

  • The pump tubing is approved for 24 hours of use
  • Brief, one-time daily set-up
  • Fast patient changeovers for a high patient throughput
  • High standard of hygiene
  • Safe and reliable use
  • Economical and efficient


  • Change of the CM with the same active ingredients at the push of a button
  • No change of the 24h pump tube
  • Automatic rinsing program


  • Double CM supply due to automatic changeover with identical CM
  • Low CM wastage rates
  • Efficient due to high patient throughput and patient changeover within a short period of time

Extended Tandem*

  • Use of CM with different active ingredients
  • Change of CM by using of special rinsing program
  • No change of the 24h pump tube necessary
RIS/PACS Interface

The ulrich medical® RIS/PACS interface allows for easy and comprehensive integration of the ulrich medical® CT motion CT contrast media injector in RIS & PACS systems using the DICOM standard.


  • Transfer of the RIS worklist using DICOM Modality Worklist Management SOP Class
  • Combines RIS patient information with contrast injec­tion parameters
  • Automatically sending a comprehensive “CM DOSE REPORT” as DICOM Secondary Capture Image to PACS and/or Dose Management Systems

Your advantages

  • Standardized data quality with a compre­hensive level of documentation
  • Central record­ing of image and contrast media injection data in PACS
  • Easy to operate thanks to intuitive guidance via the workflow navi­gation bar on the touch terminal
  • Parallel transfer of the contrast media report to dose management systems is possible

Click here for download: RIS/PACS Interface DICOM Declaration of Conformity

Further information can be found on the following pages: 

Interface between ulrich medical® injectors and CT scanners

Fast and precise contrast agent scans with just one click

  • Based on the international standard CANopen
  • Synchronous start & stop of injector and scanner
  • Supply and display of injection protocols on the scanner
  • Transfer of injection parameters to RIS/PACS system
  • Data interchange between injector and CT scanner

Customer value

  • Saving of time up to 30%
  • Improved workflow due to Single Button Start
  • Quality assurance due to automatic sending of injection parameters to RIS/PACS or dose management systems respectively
  • Higher quality of pictures due to synchronous start
  • One-time input of injection protocols saves time and administration effort
Software Options
  • Tandem: Injector can be connected to two different CA types
    Access to either of the two contrast agents is possible without interruption of daily workflow, hence focus on patient and economy of use
  • CA substitution: Manual switchover from contrast agent to NaCl during injection
    Economic use of contrast agent and gentle treatment for the patient
  • Same patient: Multiple examinations on one patient without changing the patient hose
    No loss of time by disconnecting the patient
  • Elapsed time: Time display which indicated the elapsed time after the end of injection
    Supports specific examinations with delayed scan
  • Stop watch: Acoustic signal when set time has expired
    Improved timing between contrast agent injection and examination
  • Start delay: Injection only starts after a predefined time
    Easy start of injection on the time
  • Contrast agent heater: constant temperature of the contrast agent (28 °C – 37 °C)
    Optimal viscosity of the contrast agent for infusion
Safe and easy – The particular tubing system

The two-piece tubing system for all ulrich medical® injectors consists of:

  • Pump tubing: Use up to 24 hours for any number of injections
  • Patient tubing: Use for any number of injections for one patient, change and disposal after each patient


  • Proven hygienic safety
  • Economic consumption of disposables
  • Easy handling
  • Fast patient changeover
  • Reduced stock-keeping of disposables

1. Contrast agent heater (for both connection points)

  • Constant temperature of the contrast agent (28° – 37° C)
  • Optimal viscosity of the contrast agent for infusion
  • Higher patient comfort

2. Tray

  • Important utensils always within reach
  • Space for contrast agent bottles and other injection accessories (up to 2 kg load)
  • Practical, space-saving arrangement

3. Waste bin

  • Fast disposal of used hoses and other examination waste
  • Practical, space-saving arrangement

*Extended Tandem requires additional application training.