CT motion™ US-Version

/CT motion™ US-Version

In medicine, every detail counts – we help you make it visible.

ulrich medical® contrast media injectors have been successfully used for more than 30 years in radiology practices and hospitals around the world.
Their special solutions and “Made in Germany” quality make these products indispensable in everyday practice.

Satisfied employees and a productive radiology department

With its automated syringeless technology, the CT motion™ allows substantial workflow efficiencies such as a quick and easy set-up and a rapid patient turnover. A very low number of steps to be performed between the exams allows you more focus on your patients and a smoothly running and cost-effective working day.

The ulrichINJECT CT motion for US is used in CT procedures for the delivery of Omnipaque™ (Iohexol) and Visipaque™ (Iohexol) Injection*, solution – GE Healthcare Inc. contrast media as supplied in Imaging Bulk Packages (IBP).
*For more information about Omnipaque™ and Visipaque™ Imaging Bulk Packaging:

Syringeless – Innovation made in Germany

The CT motion is available as a mobile pedestal version or with a 3D ceiling mount.

  1. Integrated CM heat retainers to maintain CM temperature in container
  2. Media container holder for saline (NaCl)
    Optional: saline rod
  3. Media detectors with status indicator
  4. Display unit for simple, safe and quick operation
  5. Pressure sensors
  6. Patient tubing air detector
  7. Pump tubing-flex air detector with status indicator
Tubing System
The tubing system for the ulrichINJECT CT motion consists of pump tubing-flex, spike for CT and patient tubing.


Pump tubing-flex
order no. XD 8002
24-hour multiple patient use

The CT motion pump tubing-flex is cleared for 24-hour usage or a maximum of 19 contrast media bottles, whichever comes first.

  1. Swabable valve
    Connection point for patient tubing to prevent contamination (aseptic procedure).
  2. Check valve
  3. Swabable valves
    Connection point for spikes to provide a hygienic security barrier for the media input (aseptic procedure).
  4. Pressure sensor unit with integrated particle filter

Spike for CT (CM/NaCl)
order no. XD 8132

Single-bottle use (max. 8 hours)

Two spikes to be used with Omnipaque TM IBP contrast media and one spike to be used with the saline (NaCl) container/bag.

  1. Integrated air filter

Patient tubing
250 cm: order no. XD 2042

320 cm: order no. XD 2047
Single-patient use (max. 12 hours)

The patient tubing connects the pump tubing-flex to the cannula on the patient and transports media from the pump tubing-flex to the patient.

  1. Double check valve system
Flexible CM management and simplified workflows

Selection of a second contrast medium

Two-way switchover when there are two identical contrast media

  • Automatic CM-Loop/CM-Select activation
  • Automatic tubing rinse on switching between Omnipaque Visipaque and IBP single dose
  • Permissable contrast media types:
    • Omnipaque 300 mgl/ml IBP
    • Omnipaque 350 mgl/ml IBP
    • Omnipaque 350 mgl/ml single dose
    • Omnipaque 300 mgl/ml single dose
    • Visipaque 320 mgl/ml single dose
  • Bottle sizes:
    • Saline (NaCl): 50 to 1000 ml
    • Omnipaque IBP – 500 ml
    • Omnipaque single dose – 150 ml
    • Visipaque single dose – 100 ml and 150 ml
  • Bag size:
    Saline (NaCl): 50 to 2000 ml
Optimized battery management*
  • Improved deep discharge protection
  • More precise state of charge determination
  • Status information if battery runs empty
  • Reduced power consumption in case the battery runs empty

*Important: optimized battery management is available in combination with SW 5.1.0 and pedestal version only.

Your Plus

  • More than 30 years of roll pump injector experience
  • Made in Germany
  • Over a century of innovation


Distributed in the U.S. by GE Healthcare
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Email: CTmotion.USA@ge.com