Social Responsibility

///Social Responsibility

Together and For Each Other

Our social responsibility as a company can be seen in the voluntary contribution we make to sustainable development. Responsible corporate behavior in actual business activities, the observance of ecologically relevant aspects and respectful relationships with employees and all interest groups are a requirement for us.

Our company culture is characterized by social awareness.

A Day in Life

We have launched a very special project: „A Day in Life“. We give each employee the opportunity to spend one workday helping in a social organization of his/her choice and becoming active there where he/she feels it is most necessary. This mission can only be successful through the commitment of the employees.

Social Learning

Even for our trainees, “social responsibility” is not an alien concept. Under the title of “social learning,” they independently carry out a one- to two-day social project. In doing so, they have sole responsibility for everything from selecting the project to planning and implementing all project steps. As a result, not only is the ability to communicate and work as a team strengthened but also social sensitivity improves and tolerance and understanding develop.

Social Partnerships

We have formed social partnerships within the framework of the above two projects. These allow our employees to get involved socially in a variety of projects.
DRK Kreisverband Ulm e.V.
The partnership with the district chapter of the German Red Cross has been in existence since July 2011. Within the framework of the GRC institutions, there are many different options offered to our employees for social action. For example, employees have already supported the food pantries by gathering items and cooking for the “Ulmer Tafel” food bank.

Along with our employees’ personal involvement, we regularly organize in-house drives during which employees donate clothing and shoes in good condition, as well as drugstore items or food for the food pantries.
Another component of the partnership is an offer on our part to the GRC district chapter. We offer internships or job applicant training at our company to people who wish to re-enter the workforce.
Behindertenstiftung TANNENHOF [TANNENHOF Foundation for the Disabled]
The Tannenhof Ulm is an organization for the support and care as well as social and occupational integration of people with mental and multiple disabilities. Here as well, there are many opportunities for our employees to become socially involved, either through participating in a daycare group or in one of the various workshop departments.