New: contrast-enhancing mammography

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer disease among women in Germany, with about 70,000 new cases every year. Mammography is currently considered the most effective method for the early detection of breast cancer in women between 50 and 69 years of age.

However, in some cases, conventional digital mammography is not sufficient to make malignant tumors visible. The contrast of the tumor to the surrounding tissue may be so low that it is obscured by normal glandular tissue. In order to increase these contrasts, mammographies with the help of contrast media are increasingly being performed.

ulrich medical has expanded the portfolio of its user-friendly Max 2M and Max 3 injectors to include contrast-enhanced mammography examinations (CEDM /CESM) and MR mammography. The small foot of the injectors provides sufficient space in the examination room. Accurate bolus administration increases the quality of imaging and the continuous flow of contrast media also ensures a fast and effective workflow.

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