New: contrast-enhancing mammography

  • Digital mammography is not sufficient to make malignant tumors visible
  • The contrast of the tumor to the surrounding tissue may be so low that it is obscured by normal glandular tissue
  • In order to increase these contrasts, mammographies with the help of contrast media are increasingly being performed

Your advantages

  • Enables fast operation and patient-side injection start directly on the injector
  • Compact device base ensures sufficient space in the mammography room
  • Using a contrast media injector provides a continuous flow of contrast media
  • CM bolus is administered accurately, which then increases the quality of the imaging
  • Cordless device concept for free and flexible positioning of the injector in the mammography room
  • Direct injection from all standard media containers
  • SafeConnect with contact protection
  • Unique patient-side air monitoring
  • 24 hours of use of the easy-click cassette
  • Set up only once per day
  • Intuitive operator control concept and wireless operation

Setup made easy:

  • Insert Easy-Click-Cassette
  • Connect patient tubing
  • Attach media container
  • Done!

Patient changeovers in only a few seconds:

  • Detach patient tubing
  • Connect new patient tubing
  • Done!

Max 3™


Max 2M™