Ecological responsibility

///Ecological responsibility

Slide ulrich medical übernimmt soziale, ökologische und ökonomische Verantwortung für eine nachhaltige Zukunft. Ecological responsibility in everyday life The future of all of us is based, among other things, on today's environmental sustainability. As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our responsibility. That is why we take measures to reduce resource consumption and proactively support ecological diversity. Slide Der ulrich medical-Bienenstock steht im unternehmenseigenen Garten A bee colony for ulrich medical Since 2021, ulrich medical’s garden has been buzzing: with the adoption of our own bee colony, we are making a small but meaningful contribution to environmental protection. The “factory bees” are professionally cared for by a beekeeper and the employees experience the direct connection to domestic species protection with their own ulrich medical honey. Slide Mit der Pflanzung eines Apfelbaums im Unternehmensgarten wird der heimische Artenschutz proaktiv unterstützt Planting trees for native biodiversity Not only the ulrich medical bees are happy about the newly planted apple tree in the company's own garden, but also the native biodiversity is strengthened with each new tree. Our ecological responsibility is not only about saving resources, but also about proactive engagement. Slide Nachhaltige Ideen von ulrich medical Mitarbeiter:innen werden höher prämiert ulrich medical idea management The internal ulrich medical idea management system invites everyone to submit their ideas for savings and improvements for the benefit of the company and its employees. Contributions submitted with a reference to sustainability will be awarded a 25% higher reward. Slide Im ulrich medical Restaurant sind täglich vegetarische und teilweise vegane Gerichte erhältlich Vital meal offer Both for health and for sustainability, the conscious handling of food and the reduced use of animal products is worthwhile. In the ulrich medical restaurant, vegetarian and vegan dishes are on the menu every day. In addition, great importance is attached to regional ingredients with short transport routes.

Acting responsibly for the planet

The future builds on today’s sustainability and as a manufacturing company we are aware of our ecological responsibility. By saving resources, we make our contribution to climate protection every day.

Reduction of CO2 pollution

We have already been able to reduce CO2 emissions by a full 29.48% compared to reference producers with the help of our own combined heat and power plant. With the support of many employees, we are also reducing avoidable emissions by participating in campaigns such as “Ulmer Stadtradeln” (Ulm City Cycling) (Climate Alliance campaign).

Through cooperative ventures such as “JobRad,” we subsidize the use of alternative mobility solutions instead of cars.

Reduction of resource consumption

For careful resource consumption, we use the waste heat from the air compressor for heating purposes. Furthermore, all heating systems of the company are automatically regulated and controlled.

Paperless office

By increasing the electronic filing of documents and implementing digitization in many areas, we have already achieved significant savings in toner, ink and paper. In this way, we also protect the forest as a resource.

Mobile work

The proportion of ulrich medical employees with mobile workplaces is rising continuously. This not only helps with a better work-life balance but is also a way to save resources and energy. On the one hand, CO2 emissions are saved by eliminating the daily commute. On the other hand, less office space is needed, which is why less heat energy is consumed and multiple use of desks becomes possible.

Waste separation & recycling

Waste separation and recycling are focused on and practiced in all areas of the company – from production to the ulrich medical restaurant.

ulrich medical übernimmt ökonomische Verantwortung für eine nachhaltige Zukunft

Economic responsibility

We take care of economic sustainability with energy-saving measures.
Site protection and digitization play a central role here.

ulrich medical übernimmt soziale Verantwortung für eine nachhaltige Zukunft

Social responsibility

For many years, ulrich medical has supported social projects and knowledge transfer across borders. The active participation of employees also opens the way to a sustainable future.


Steffen Kölsch
Vice President Operations and Quality Management