Hygienic and Safe

„How to feel safe about disposables”

To give you and your patients the confidence to feel safe, our disposables are equipped with multi-layered safety features. Sensors, filters and detectors ensure that the injection works reliably and smoothly. The result: high-quality images for the best possible diagnosis.

„How to work hygienically safe when it comes to disposables”

Apply contrast media hygienically and safely with cleverly designed disposables – even with very little effort. Integrated product and process features, such as particle filters, air filters or pressure sensors contribute to hygienic and safe application. Find more information on this topic in our white paper.

„How to minimize the risk of contamination in daily routine of radiology”

Spare yourself the need to transfer to other containers and use the complete volume of media with a single piercing: By using closed injection systems, contact of the contrast medium with the ambient air can be avoided. Therefore, with CTmotion, application takes place directly from the original containers. Find more information on this topic in our white paper.

„How to protect your patients and yourself”

Working hygienically and safely in the often stressful daily routine of radiology is and remains an important issue. The right disposable supports you in this task. With simple and safe workflows as well as safety functions, it helps to reduce the risk of contamination. Would you like to know how to keep yourself and your patients hygienically on the safe side? Then download our detailed white paper now!