////Efficient and sustainable

Efficient and sustainable

„How to gain more time for your patients by using large containers”

Are you tired of constantly changing contrast media syringes or small containers? By using large containers, you can save yourself these work steps. Once attached, you can perform several examinations in succession without having to worry about constantly refilling. In the time gained, you can now focus entirely on your patients.

„How to act sustainably and environmentally friendly”

Many patients per day result in a lot of waste and high disposal costs. Especially with disposables that cannot be used multiple times. Thanks to 24-hour usability of the system tubing, only the patient tube needs to be changed per patient. This reduces the amount of disposables and saves disposal costs. That way you are protecting both, the environment and your budget.

„How to be ready for examinations at any time”

Thanks to disposables with 24-hour multi-use, you are prepared for all eventualities. Once equipped each day, you only need to change the patient tube per patient. This not only saves you preparation time, but also means you are ready for action when every second counts.

„How to save time and storage space”

Due to the multi-use of our system tubing, you only need to change the patient tube per patient. This reduces the total amount of disposables and shortens the respective preparation time. So, you can work quickly, conveniently and without large storage requirements.