ulrich medical MRI contrast media injectors – multi-use concept delivers global success

////ulrich medical MRI contrast media injectors – multi-use concept delivers global success

Radiology departments and practices in more than 25 countries worldwide rely on MRI contrast media injectors from ulrich medical.


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European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, 27 February – 3 March 2019
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Ulm, February 2019. Ulm-based medical technology specialist ulrich medical will be showcasing its CT and MRI contrast media injectors at this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna. This will include its current generation of MRI injectors, which have enjoyed substantial market success since launch. Currently, radiology departments and practices in more than 25 countries worldwide rely on the company’s Max 3 and Max 2M models – a number that is growing continually.

For radiology departments and practices, the special multi-use concept for the disposables used in ulrich medical MRI contrast media injectors means a much simpler workflow. Once set up, they are ready to go for the rest of the day. The preparation is extremely simple: Insert the Easy-Click-Cassette, close the cover, connect the patient line, connect the media container, and you’re ready for the first injection. The Easy-Click-Cassette remains in the injector for 24 hours and for as many injections as you like (multi-use concept). The medium is injected from the original media containers. This means that multiple patients can be treated in succession without changing the container. When it comes to the examination, the user performs just a few simple steps – everything else is taken care of by the injector automatically. Between patients, all that needs to be changed is the patient tubing, which takes just a few seconds. It’s a successful concept which is helping users worldwide deal with ever increasing patient numbers.

There are two device versions available. The Max 2M is a cost-effective solution for lower patient volumes and is particularly suitable for first time automated contrast injector users. For larger patient volumes, we recommend the Max 3, which features three media connection points (one NaCl and two contrast media). These enable the user to work with different contrast media and select the appropriate medium for each patient. Alternatively, if the same medium is placed in both connection points, the injector automatically switches from the empty bottle to the second, full bottle. This ensures there are no interruptions during an examination and minimizes leftover medium.

At the heart of everything we do – the user

A globally successful medical technology company, we have over 60 years of experience and expertise in contrast injectors. With our wide-ranging, practice-focused training program, ulrich medical is also dedicated to providing training on topics like “Hygiene and Safety” to radiology specialists. “We have enjoyed the trust of users for decades. For us, the focus is always on the needs of our customers. And that applies as well to the products of tomorrow that we are working on today,” explains ulrich medical CEO Klaus Kiesel.

For more information on ulrich medical contrast media injectors, visit: https://www.ulrichmedical.de/en/products/contrast-media-injectors/

About ulrich medical

Since its foundation as a family company in 1912, ulrich medical has developed, manufactured and distributed innovative medical technology products. Doctors and users worldwide trust in the more than 100 years of expertise. As one of the few companies in this sector, the Ulm-based company places great value in “Made in Germany” and develops and manufactures its products in Germany.ulrich medical specialises in two product categories: spinal systems and contrast-medium injectors. The Spinal Systems Division develops and produces implants made mostly of titanium and successfully markets them worldwide. They are used in cases of injury or disease affecting the entire spine. In the field of contrast media injectors for CT and MRI, ulrich medical supplies specially developed solutions that reliably support radiologists in the field of modern diagnostic imaging. Their user friendliness, outstanding quality and proven hygienic safety make them essential aids in routine clinical practice.